Feeds trim blocks, with the same ease as slabs and edgings.



  Main frame for the heavy-duty unit is made from 6" [152mm] channel at 16.3 lbs. [7.4kg] per foot. The Vibrating Conveyor's energy is transferred through the heavy-duty fiberglass bars to the heavy-duty channel. This secure footing reduces maintenance and insures long life. Shown in heavy-duty. Medium duty series are available for lighter applications.

  All components are heavy-duty as the spherical roller bearings used in the drive section. Motor under the conveyor gives added protection. Unit shown is complete with spout transition, motor and drive.

  Sawdust removal screen only permits blocks, slabs and edgings to enter chipper, increasing chipper blade effectiveness and reducing dust. A 5 foot [1.5m] fiberglass section is also available for use with metal detectors. Unit shown is right hand discharge. Left, bottom or right discharge must be specified by user.