Precision Rotary Knife Grinder's anti-friction bearings with continuous circular grinding eliminates the reversal vibration shock commonly experienced in reciprocating grinders. Any size knife can be ground from 3/16" [5mm] to 1 1/4" [32mm] thick and knife width's from 2" [50mm] to 6" [150mm]. Accommodates knives from 5" [127mm] to 28" [710mm] long.
  The low height of this compact grinder makes loading and unloading knives easier. Precision Rotary Knife Grinder is complete, ready to use with diamond wheel dresser, bevel gauge for setting fixtures, coolant pump and tank, and all motors and starters


  All controls are housed in a NEMA #12 water tight control box. The operational controls are mounted on the side of the control panel for additional safety. An electrical lock out utilizing a key prohibits any motor function during loading or maintenance.

  • 5 HP [3.7kw] grinding wheel, totally enclosed, fan cooled (TEFC)
    motor, 3-phase available as an option.
  • 3/4 HP [.56kw] motor for driving table
  • Diamond wheel dresser
  • Bevel gauge for setting fixtures
  • 3-Knife fixtures will accommodate up to three 28" [710mm] knives
  • 4-Knife fixtures will accommodate up to four 23" [585mm] knives
  • 6-Knife fixtures will accommodate up to six 21 1/2" [545mm] knives
  • Knife width maximum 5" [127mm]