ProGrind 4000

Designed With Innovative Features to Give You the Power and High-Production Output Needed to Tackle the Most Demanding Grinding Operations

  • 500HP [372.8kw] Caterpillar C-15 Diesel Engine
  • Double bolt hammer tips ensure hammermill durability and easy maintenance
  • Optional remote control allows full operation from up to 500 feet [152.4m]
  • Two 14" [355mm] discharge augers easily move material from mill area to conveyor
  • Easy climb catwalk for access to loader cab
  • State-of-the-art cab on loader units, with pilot joystick controls and air conditioning
  • No special permits or signs required for transport
  • Easy to use test ports and gauges for all hydraulic pressure readings
  • Tub Raises 90 degrees for emptying and easy servicing of the hammermill

The ProGrind™ 4000 is narrow enough to
travel highways without special signs
or permits, allowing easy movement of
the grinder from job site to job site.

Power and Performance

With one of the most aggressive hammermills in the industry, the ProGrind™ 4000 can cut through mountains of green waste at rates of up to 60 tons [54.43mt] per-hour. The special double-bolt hammer tips provide more durability and grinding ease, assuring high production rates, less wear on the hammermill and easy maintenance.

Total Operator Control and Safety

The large cab on the loader unit allows full movement and comfort for the operator. With it's own control panel, complete operation of the grinder while loading is possible. State-of-the-art pilot joystick controls are incorporated with a fully adjustable, lumbar supported seat for maximum comfort. The front windshield, designed for high visibility, is 1/2" [12.7mm] Lexan and backed by two steel bars for operator safety. Air conditioning is included as a standard feature.

The state-of-the-art, intelligent, electro-hydraulic system makes operation of the ProGrind™ 4000 simple, while providing high durability. In addition to standard operating switches, the control panel contains gauges, hydraulic controls and safety features to provide maximum information and operating control in a single location.

Remote Control

An optional, full-function radio remote is available, capable of operating the ProGrind™ 4000 at distances up to 500 feet [152.4m] away. Ruggedly designed for outdoor heavy-duty equipment, the system uses an F.M. frequency to ensure long range reliable control.

Clutch Protection

Our exclusive fluid coupler provides maximum clutch protection. If a jam occurs - even during startup - the engine throttles down and declutches before damage is sustained. This added protection also dramatically reduces clutch wear and virtually eliminates the possibility of clutch failure.