ProGrind 2000

Whether you're converting green waste into compost, grinding pallets for decorative bedding material or processing bark mulch, the ProGrind™ 2000 delivers the power you need for effective wood waste management.

Control Panel

All operating functions for the grinder are located at the control panel, which is hinged to swing out from the unit for ease of service. The panel is also equipped with a vandal proof package.

Minimum Clutch Wear

A 98 percent efficient hydraulic coupler isolates the drive assembly from the mill - dramatically reducing clutch wear and virtually eliminating the possibility of clutch failures.
The self-adjusting multi-plate clutch requires no daily adjustments - saving you valuable time and significantly extending clutch life.

Designed for Durability and Maintainability

The ProGrind™ 2000 is designed for ease of use and maintainance. Key Features include:
  • Hydraulic Coupler and self-adjusting clutch
  • Tilt tub with no-bolt screens
  • Shock resistant hammermill with 12.2 lbs. [5.534kg] cast steel hammers

Table Tilt

The tub and table on the ProGrind tilt back 38 degrees for easy access to the hammermill, screens and lower conveyor area. The table locks the screens in place without the use of bolts.