Husky Knuckle Boom Loaders


  The Husky XL series is engineered to be highly responsive with a smooth powerful swing with perfect balance. They are the heaviest built in the industry and out-weigh the competitors model for model. Routine service is fast with an easy access design, like centralized hydraulic pressure checks,turnable bearing greasing from operator's cab. Husky boasts the largest steel booms available with super heavy-duty subframes. Lift capacity includes the average 1000 lbs. [453.6 kg] of the grapple. Husky owners know they are built to last.

  Husky Brute XL-345 This is the "Brutiest" Husky. The XL-345 weighing in at 31,000 lbs. [14,061.4 kg]. It has a lift capacity of 17 tons at ten feet [15.4 mt at 3 m] and nearly six tons at full extension of 31 feet [5.4 mt at 9.4 m]. We have made eleven improvements recently that will make this Husky 345 even stronger, cooler running, more stable and have increased swing speed by 25 percent.
  Husky Brute XL-245 Weighing 21,000 lbs. [9,525.4 kg], can lift over 11 tons at ten feet [9.9 mt at 3 m] and nearly four tons at full reach of 27 feet [3.6 mt at 8.2 m]. In the past year, similar 345 improvements have been included in the 245 series.

  Husky Brute XL-175 A real Brute for its size, the 175 shares many of the same components as the larger 245. It has the same lower unit, turntable bearing, hydraulic components and control valves. Gross weight is 16,000 lbs. [7,257.5 kg] and can lift almost 19,000 pounds at ten feet [8,618 kg at 3 m] and over 6,000 pounds at maximum reach of 25 feet [2,722 kg at 7.6 m]. For its size, the 175 will out-class all others.

  All Husky models are available for trucks, stationary electric, rubber tire self propelled, and trailer mounts. Husky provides the hydraulic power and control valves, oil lines and couplings for any major manufacturer's delimbers or slashers. We will custom-mount on your choice of trailer.

  • Heavy-duty Cylinders designed for less friction and
    smooth operation. Bolt-on gland included for ease of
  • Vane pump offers more efficient operation, less heat and
    ease of maintenance.
  • Quality improvements to the operators cab.